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Anonymous asked: how can i make a moving background for twitter?please answer this..

I don’t know sorry :/

Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for the answer :D

You are very welcome :)

Oh to the anon that asked me where it was from i found the gif you were talking about.

It’s from Brown Eyed Girls’ mv for Cleansing Cream! :)

Hope you see this ^^

Anonymous asked: Hello ! Sorry to disturb you but do you know where did it came from ? post/34089886218 ( this is from your tumblr ) Thank you su much :)

Hey no worries but i can’t find what you’re looking for!

Could you tell me which picture it was?


One more follower and i will reach 300!!

Thank you guys and sorry for not posting so often.

Looks like uni has sucked up my life recently. >__<